Matching Jobs With People

GulfLadder.Com is a job portal for the GCC nations (Middle East countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain, etc). It aims to help recruiters across sectors, make a better decision of hiring the right candidate who is not only skilled but also has the correct attitude aligned towards the mission, vision and passion of the employing organization.

Such a candidate is able to excel in the organization and give his/ her 200% best. Similarly, the candidate is able to find the appropriate organization that will propel his career forward. A career in which he will be able to grow with the organization fulfilling the overall goals of the firm as well as his own. A WIN-WIN for all!

How do we plan to achieve this?

Well upon registration, each candidate takes a psychometric test, the results of which are shared with the organization that shortlists candidates like him/ her from the thousands in our database. This helps the recruiter in the employing organization to make a better decision, that fits in well with the overall scheme of things, in a fraction of the time usually taken.